Weekly Progress Report

Well, all we managed to accomplish yesterday was:

  •  planting onions and potatoes
  • breaking a water line in the back yard
  • disabling the septic system
  • the foundation site is leveled and tamped
  • digging up more of the yard

Hopefully, the septic system will be functional again within a few hours. Sunshine and Mr B are at the local supply place getting the materials we need to accomplish that task.

side note: thank heaven the RV has holding tanks for waste water. We have about 48 more hours of capacity if we’re careful and lucky; 24 hours is our worst case scenario. They better hurry up with those materials.

We did manage to get the water line repaired pretty quickly, so there’s that. Right?

Sunshine’s employee also got started on putting rebar in place for our foundation. He didn’t get to finish because we knew we were probably going to break the water line that we did, indeed, break; we had him come stand by to help dig it up with a shovel to repair it when the inevitable occurred.

side note: yeah, we knew we were going to break a water line. We had no clue where it was run, what kind of pipe was used, or anything; we just knew it was gong to be weird because that’s the only way to describe the fuckery that is the plumbing at this property. we just knew that there was a spigot in the backyard that had to have a feeder line coming from somewhere and it probably wasn’t buried deep enough to escape the bucket of the excavator we were using to dig for the new septic system leach lines.

I’m also pretty sure Mr B got the tornado shelter berms mostly completed yesterday too. I’m still in my pajamas so I’ll post pics tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll have a nice list of completed projects tomorrow also.

On that note, I’m off for more coffee. Because I hurt, and today is going to be more brutal than yesterday. We have GOT to get that septic system functional today.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Progress Report

    1. Not so much “got hurt” as “my everything hurts”. Stiff and sore. And yes, we’re having so much fun with all this sewer mess and water line mess. I’m hoping that there will be great things to show pics of tomorrow

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