It’s been crazy busy moving mountains

I got to work yesterday, which was pretty awesome. I love my job at the produce stand.

side note: I also love the perks of my job. If a pear is too discolored to sell (because people don’t buy the pear that has brown coloring on its skin) then I can eat it with my lunch. And really, people, the pear with the skin that has started to turn brown is the best pear to eat, as long as it isn’t a mushy pear. I also get to bring home a lot of the stuff that went bad before it could sell, so our compost heap grows by leaps and bounds when I’m working. Sometimes, Sunshine gets whole crates of overripe fruits or corn that has started to wrinkle, and he uses it to bait fields for pigs. The perks are great!

I digress.

In addition to working on Fridays now, we have been a flurry of activity out here.Mr B’s newest addition to his toy lineup has been working overtime.


  1.  We moved the compost heap to a shadier spot. We then filled a 250 gallon water storage container and put it just over the compost pile because the valve leaks, which means that it will drip and keep our pile moist. I’ll probably have to head over there with a bucket from time to time to help it along, but at least I won’t have to drag buckets full of water across the property anymorecompost-heap-new-home
  2. Mr B started moving dirt to shore up the area around our underground storm shelter. The rain bombs that have plagued Texas for the last couple of years have taken their toll on the dirt mound surrounding our tornado survival mechanism.building-up-around-storm-shelter
  3.  Mr B dug up the leaky sewage leach lines so they can be repaired. It was the perfect time to do this because
  4. We are having to dig a trench to run our power lines to our little house from the location where the power company will be putting our meter
  5. Mr B also moved the sandpile from the driveway to a location near our little house. This sand will be needed for the construction of our house; and it was blocking the driveway and serving as a litterbox for all these cats that don’t bury their poop.

Sunshine has brought an employee up here from Shreveport to help us with all of this, and that guy has been busy with the actual pad site for our foundation. He has been leveling it off so that we can get the rebar in place for the concrete pour. He is also going to help us plant potatoes and onions today, which is good because it won’t take long with 4 of us doing it.

It’s been crazy busy, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to let up anytime soon.

final note: note the giant white trailer seen in the background of the sandpile pic. Yeah, I knew I was forgetting something that makes us look like a parking lot or wrecking/salvage yard


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