Planting seeds

I spent yesterday morning planting seeds in little sprout cups.

I used the little trays and cups left over from the lettuce sprouts and shit that Mr B bought last week, and some craft sticks to label them so I could remember what was planted in each tray.

I planted yellow and zucchini squash seeds, lima beans, cowpeas, roma tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, and I forget what else. I actually ran out of potting soil and little sprout cups, so Sunshine got me some more while he was in town anyway. He got so much that I actually had some supplies left over, which means that I can plant the seeds I found for things Sunshine had requested but we hadn’t been able to procure yet (radishes, beans and peas that didn’t require shelling). Now, if I could just find some turnip seeds or sprouts, he’d have his wish list fulfilled completely. If I could figure out how to cook a turnip, it might be worth it to plant the damned things.

The weather is pleasant at the moment, so we put the trays in the boat until I can get in the laundry room and make some space on shelves for the trays to stay out of any potential freezing temperatures until it’s time to put them in the ground.

It’s exciting to be working towards growing our own food. I’m just hoping that we don’t screw it up, since none of know quite exactly what we’re doing. Mr B keeps saying that it’s ok if we screw it up because there are grocery stores; but Sunshine and I are thinking of the “what if” and “worst case” and “walking dead” scenarios, and being able to grow our own food means we have a sustainable future here. “Seeds are life” was Sunshine’s response to my confession that I bought more seeds while I was out and about yesterday evening. I think he’s just glad that I’m starting to take him seriously, whatever brought it on.

I’m guessing that my next step will be to break out some of my craft supplies and make some scarecrows and shit to keep critters from eating our food. Any suggestions are very much welcome.

final note: now that I know I’m going to be working at the produce stand again this summer, I know that I’ll be getting to bring home all kinds of stuff that went bad before it sold so that we can throw it in our compost heap. It’s nice knowing that it won’t go to waste, even if it didn’t get eaten.


2 thoughts on “Planting seeds

  1. I have my seeds ready to plant, I use the cardboard tube from the middle of a toilet paper roll to plant (after filling with compost of course ) it does make transplanting of tomatoes into grow bags much easier and the car board does eventually break down.

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