We’re becoming quite the parking lot

Sunshine has two giant trucks and a jeep. I have my car. We live in a motor coach. Mrs B has her car. Mr B has his car, his truck, and 2 other cars sitting here (one for his daughter, one for sale, but still–they’re here).

Sunshine and Mr B both have four wheelers.

Sunshine has a boat and two trailers for hauling equipment (or cars or four wheelers). Mr B has his daughter’s previous car (totalled out) in the back yard. Mr B has some giant concrete pump on a trailer in the front yard.

Mr B bought that tractor along with 985839872098 implements that go with it so that we can keep the fields under control without spending all day on a lawnmower, and so we can plow the garden, and all that good shit.

We’re really starting to look like a parking lot out here. He just bought another tractor, along with 478 implements that go with it.


final note: Seeing this picture reminds me that we also have a giant green shipping container off to the side, just out of view in front of the bucket on that tractor. I’m certain there’s more shit that I’m forgetting about at the moment. Perhaps we’re looking more like a salvage yard than a parking lot.

UPDATED to add: just remembered that Mr B has a giant crawfish cooker that is seriously so giant it is on it’s own trailer. Cajuns, man, they know how to cook

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