We started a garden!

This spring, we’ve got more than a little raised bed going on. Mr B broke out the tractor some time ago and plowed enough ground to plant a garden that would feed the Cajun Navy. A few days ago, he decided that he didn’t like that plan because it involved a lot of shoveling and raking and hoe-ing in between rows, so he busted out the tractor and made it bigger. He left enough space between rows to drive the tractor to deal with weeds and shit. The logic is sound, so hopefully it works.

He went out and bought some fertilizer and some lettuce sprouts and I forget what all else, but we put it all in the dirt today. It probably wasn’t smart for me to go so hard at weight training this morning and then go plant shit this afternoon. I hurt like hell, but at least it’s for a good cause. Because, you know, I like to eat.

Rather than keep a separate notebook with the details of what we did this year, I’m just consolidating it all here.

This is the all purpose fertilizer he bought


This is Mrs B’s map of what we planted and where


side note: thank heaven she likes spreadsheets and planning and such. She figured out what to put where and then she made a rough map of it and I’m so glad I didn’t have to think about all of that because math. or something. so thank you Mrs B for taking that part on!

We used last years raised bed area for strawberries


And here is a picture of the rows we planted today.


Mr B did a lot of the hoe-ing and raking and such because he seemed to have the energy for it. Thank you Mr B, because my muscles are screaming from the weight training this morning. I know, not one of my brightest moves.

Soon, we’ll have all of our potatoes for planting, and we’ll put potatoes and onions in the ground. I think the neighbor has offered to let us put some planted seeds in her greenhouse so that we can plant the little sprigs instead of seeds when the time comes. We’ve planned for squash, peppers, watermelons and cantaloupes, and some beans and peas. I’m going to leave the layout up to Mrs B, and I’ll just keep on putting shit in the rows she says it goes in. Because math. or something. I think we’re going to be planting some blackberries along that fence line where all of that thick dried dead grass is in the top left corner of the picture, because blackberries, and cobbler.

It was a productive day, and I’m looking forward to eating some of this goodness when the time comes.

final note: now, my ass is going to take a shower, because I’m pretty sure I have dirt in my buttcrack.


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