Weekly Progress Report: under the slab

We’ve finally gotten all of the trenches dug and drains laid in place and a bunch of other shit that I don’t quite understand but that’s OK because Sunshine understands what he did so he can figure it out later, right?


I spent yesterday afternoon finishing up the task of putting dirt back in the trenches to bury all that PVC and gasline piping because Sunshine spent the day dragging a giant trailer around the region helping Mr B shuffle possessions around. The trenches had to be filled in before Sunshine left town for work, because there’s supposed to be some rain sometime in the next week, although there is still come uncertainty surrounding exactly when that will happen.

Between all that quality time with a shovel, and quality time with some dumbbells (that aren’t named Sunshine and Mr B), I’m actually in some pain this weekend. Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m going to be smart about it and take care of myself. It just means that I’ll be eating more NSAIDS than usual while I continue doing the same shit that caused this pain. Because it’ll be different this time. Right?

side note: I have muscle aches in places where I forgot I had muscles. My old collarbone injury is reminding me why I initially forgot those muscles existed. But I can’t stop if I want to actually be strong enough to pull back that compound bow Sunshine got me.

In other news, Mr B has spent the day on his tractor, plowing up more of the field so that we can make a garden. It is about that time of year, when we have to start planting shit like onion and potato slips. I’m expecting to be out there with a damn shovel or hoe this week, helping get some food growing out here. Yes, it will probably hurt like hell, but I like to eat so I guess I need to make sure my ass it out there making it possible for me to do so.

We also met a new guy that might be interested in joining the community, and that Kitchen Magician lady is supposed to finally start moving things out here this coming week. As far as she is concerned, I’ll believe it when I see it (she has said this several times over the last six months or so) but if she really does actually start moving her stuff out here I will have to dance a jig from joy. We’ve become friends since I first met her, and I’m looking forward to having her out here more often.

I also found out this weekend that I will most likely have my produce stand job again this spring and summer (YASSSSSS!), which is good news because I like the job and I like the boss and I like the clientele and I like the Greek ladies that operate the bakery next door to the produce stand (those ladies can bake some divine goodness).

It’s shaping up to be a good spring out here. I’m hoping we can keep this momentum going, because I may go crazy if I have to spend one more winter in this magic bus, freezing my ass off while I contort myself around built in furniture and cabinets trying to dig out the things I need to help me stay warm.



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