Some days there just isn’t enough coffee

It’s one of those days when there just is not enough coffee to make it all right. It took me well over an hour to get dressed because all of my clothes are pissing me off. They’re mostly good clothes that I really like, but I’m sick to death with throwing on so many layers of clothes just to stay warm. I’m also sick to death of having to pass over some of my ultimate favorite things just because we’re digging trenches and everything gets dirt and mud ground into it.

I’m over this cold weather. I’m over warm layers. I’m over digging trenches. I’m over the week-long out-of-town trips for Sunshine. I’m over the discussions of incinerating toilets, dry toilets, aerobic septic systems, and all the other myriad possible ways of dealing with poop.

I’m tired of shoes that normally fit that now pinch my because they weren’t designed to be worn over two or three pairs of socks. I’m tired of feeling like the staypuft marshmallow man had a baby with the michelin man and it’s me. I’m tired of the north wind howling at us unchecked across the fields.

Now that I’ve gotten on a bitchfest roll, lets also throw in that I’m tired of having to play a huge game of Tetris just to get a skillet out of the cabinet so I can make a grilled cheese sandsich. I’m tired of playing tetris to do anydamnthing in this RV. I’m tired of having to climb on the bed and contort around it just to put on some pants and a sweater.

I don’t know why I’m vomiting up this word salad at you, except maybe because I originally started writing here because I needed to get words and thoughts out of my head before they drove me crazy; and this has become the place where I tell it like it is about my life–the good, the bad, the ugly, and the indifferent. I can’t always be cheerful; it takes entirely too much energy.

I’ll get through this bout with the grumpy-uglies. The wind will quit blowing, and the sun will warm us back up eventually. Until then, I’m just going to have to console myself with hazelnut coffee poured over cocoa mix.


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