Two word definition: Shovel

I’ve made up a new game for myself. Two word definition.

Word of the day: shovel.


image borrowed from harbor freight

We’ve been digging the trenches for our drain lines the last couple of days. There have been many many shovels involved.

The two word definition for shovel is: core workout.

Seriously, if you ever want a good core workout, just go grab yourself a shovel and start moving dirt from place to place to place, then move it all back to where you got it from to start with.

My abs hurt this morning. Now, it certainly isn’t the worst muscle pain I have ever dealt with (thank heaven); however, it is some of the most pain-in-the-ass muscle pain I have ever dealt with. As the muscles go through their spasms, it feels like a wave of nausea is passing over me. Which sucks. Who the hell wants to feel nauseated while dealing with abdominal muscle pain? Because I know that if I give in to the nauseated feeling and yarf, it’s just going to make the muscle pain worse.

Now that we have established that “shovel” is another way to say “core workout”, let’s talk about what my dumb ass is going to do about the pain… If you thought I was going to sit on my couch and let myself heal, you obviously don’t know just what kind of idiot I am. I’m about to get up, do laundry, and then grab my dumbbells so I can continue trying to strengthen my arms. Because, obviously, that’s the best solution, right? To go damage some other muscles so that maybe I can forget that my abs hurt in a way that almost makes me want to yarf.

final note: Sunshine will be going out of town again on Monday, so I will be taking advantage of his absence to actually think about letting my abs heal. Until he leaves, I am my mother’s child and can’t just sit around on my ass while he works so hard to make house for us. So I suppose I’m not a total dumb ass, just a half assed dumb ass.


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