Progress on the house site

Yesterday,we worked on our site for out little house. Sunshine did maths stuffs and we bought the PVC pipes for our drains and some to use as conduit to run our pex water lines when the time comes for that. He also bought the pipe for our gas lines for the water heater (on-demand, YAY) and the stove.

Mostly what we did yesterday was digging the trench for our first drain line for the little house.

I hate dirt. I was wearing knee high boots, and yet I still wound up with dirt ground into my socks. I had a moment of horror when I went to get into the shower and I was making dirt as I took off my pants. Like, when did I turn into Sunshine?

We’ll be back at it today. I’ll post some pictures when we’ve got them all done and it actually looks like something other than a bunch of piles of dirt and pipe.

Unrelated: while we were out picking up supplies, I got myself a set of dumbbells to start strengthening my arms so I can actually pull the string back on my new bow that Sunshine got me. He says I can’t have any archery accessories until I can actually pull the string back, so I’ve got to get my ass in gear and get my shit together. I don’t want my compound bow to become just another thing that sits around my house getting moved from place to place as I try to function in this overpacked RV. There’s enough musical tetris to play as it is without adding to the problem for no good reason.

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