Archery Lessons

Before we moved out here, I got it into my head that I wanted to take up archery. I can’t even remember why, maybe it was Katniss or some other pop culture moment. Whatever, Sunshine bought me a basic longbow to try out some archery. It was inexpensive which made it a good first step. I mean, why go all in until we know if I’m actually going to use it?

Well, I toyed with it until the weather got cold, then we had to start packing for the move. Here I am some 9 months after we moved, and I’m finally settled in enough to want to do stuffs again. I picked up my longbow yesterday while waiting on Sunshine to get home from out of town.

As you can see, I wasn’t doing very well.

Then Sunshine got home and broke out his bow and started shooting shit. He was doing pretty well for somebody that hasn’t practiced in a while. When I looked at the pictures we took of each other, I realized why.

Sunshine has been doing this for a long time. His form is correct, his muscle memory is pretty spot on.

Me? Not so much.


I kind of look like a chicken.

side note: apparently I’m notorious for this shit with my elbows. When I played on a league team at the pool hall, my teammates constantly had to remind me to tuck my elbows in closer to my body.

Sunshine also shot some shit with my longbow. He threw it down, told Mollie and me to load up, and drove me to the pawn shop to get me a compound bow.


Of course, I can’t quite pull it back yet, because my arms are not as strong as his. Obviously, when you look at the pictures. The man has some serious arms.

Side note: I rather like his strong arms. A lot. The ink he has on them isn’t hurting at all, either.

I think I’ve convinced him that I need some free weight dumbbells. My core isn’t in quite the horrible shape I thought it was, but my arms are my perpetual weak spot and that needs to change. Hopefully, while we’re out buying materials for the rough-in stuff on our little house, he can be persuaded to grab me some dumbbells.

It’s nice to have some common interests, stuff that we can do together and have fun. It’s also nice that he doesn’t make me pay him for archery lessons (maybe because I don’t charge him for making clean underwear magically appear in his closet). Love is beautiful, ain’t it?



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