An all day game of Tetris

We are running out of storage space. This is nothing new, we’ve been running out of storage space since the first of July in 2k10. I’ve written about this ad nauseum on here.

For the moment, we’re OK, but it won’t stay that way. Eventually, the weather will warm up and all of the blankets will have to come off the bed. Rather than wait until the last minute (which always ends in tears of frustration and a giant pile of stuff–usually Cindy’s–to take to goodwill), I decided to take advantage of not having Sunshine around to tell me “those tshirts are fine for work” when the reality is that I wouldn’t wash my car with those tshirts because I’d be afraid my car would catch cooties from them.

I’ve been on an organizing kick this week. Yesterday was the day I tackled the basement storage compartments.

It may not look like it, but these two compartments at the back of the bus go all the way across the entire width of the bus. We can’t access the other side of these compartments because of the shed the water heater lives in. So there is shit in the rear compartment that we haven’t seen in years (because we were assholes and didn’t check when we were moving).

I went in. I pulled every single thing in there out of there. It was a lot of stuffs. There was even a bugout bag in there. One that we haven’t opened in years. There were clothes in there that fit me 7 years ago that BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA , yeah, that’s not happening anymore.

After I pulled all of that stuff out, I started emptying Sunshine’s art books (big expensive coffee table style books that weighed a ton) out of the compartments under the slideout and over the windshield. He hasn’t opened them since I met him, so we don’t need access to them at the moment, but I’m hoping to get him to make arts again someday so they need to stick around.

I reorganized everything, thinking about what we needed access to and what we didn’t.  A lot of my craft supplies came out from under the bed and went into the spaces formerly occupied by art books. I went through the bugout bag (that had somehow gotten wet) and pulled out the clothes that no longer fit me and the beans and rice that had molded.

side note: those spaces are even tighter than they look. I had to raise my arms over my head like I was superman flying through the air to even get in, and I got one hell of an upper body and core workout pulling myself in and out of those spaces. It was a huge gamble, as I was often maneuvering around stuffs that made a tight squeeze even tighter and I have COPD that causes me to tire easily. At one point, I got stuck on a flatpack bookshelf that I was trying to push out so I could get out. Thank heaven for all those years as a stagehand that built up all the muscle that hides under my fluffy parts, or I’d have been stuck in there until someone realized I was missing and called search and rescue. Also, thank heaven for the ability to stay calm during a crisis (except severe weather, I can’t stay calm during tornado season).

Ultimately, I spent hours and hours yesterday doing all of that Tetris and musical chairs with stuffs and things to accomplish this


I created a couple of cubic feet of space under the bed so I have space for blankets to hide in during the summer.

final note: I’m hoping that I can refrain from filling this tiny amount of space with anything that is NOT blankets. Also, I am already getting impatient to have our little house finished so there is space for our shit without playing musical Tetris with it every day.

Also, I found an extension cord that we probably desperately need since Mr B has a habit of borrowing them and leaving them exactly where they were when he gets done with them: at his buddy’s house in the next zip code over from us, in his truck while his truck is in the shop for repairs… you know, all the places that make sense to him but don’t help us at all when we need another extension cord and can’t find it FOR REASONS. Never change, Mr B. The world would probably tilt on it’s axis and that wouldn’t be good.


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