When the cat’s away…

…the mice will play.

And this mouse has been playing while Sunshine has been working out of town this week. I started with a full cleanout of his closet. The man wears rags to work in, for fuck’s sake. I got rid of all of the underwear with ruffled, stretched out elastic. I got rid of the t-shirts that were too disgusting for him to even work in. Like, some of these shirts looked like they had been stabbed by a psychopathic murderer and then drug through the mud and burned, too. It’s not like he doesn’t have a stash of brand new work t-shirts that would last him a full year, so I just dug into that stash and put some in his work clothes cabinet.

I also stole some things from him.


Like these soft leather gauntlet gloves he wore when we rode the Harley. Since we sold the Harley several years ago, he hasn’t worn the gloves at all. So I’m stealing them and I’m going to wear them. If he decides he wants to wear them, I’ll allow it but I’m betting it won’t happen.


I also stole some belts. He never wears them. I intend to stash them for use on a project I have in mind. I will be courteous enough to ask permission before I repurpose them into a giant canvas tote bag that I want to make out of a decomissioned sail off of a schooner or some shit.

I also went into the giant basement storage compartment under the slideout living room and dug into those bankers boxes.

side note: we’re not going to talk about the cirque de soleil style contortions I had to pull off to get those boxes out. We also won’t talk about the giant foam blocks that had to be moved out of the way so I could access the storage and we damn sure won’t talk about all the mud and dried out algae that was on those blocks because I am emotionally traumatized and physically injured to the point of needing a muscle relaxer for the aches in my head and neck and the muscle spasms on my left side.

I didn’t get rid of anything except for some old empty brightly colored folders that I’ll be sending to Tia to repurpose into something wonderful. However, I did find this, which truly makes me wonder what the fuck makes Sunshine tick.


Why in the hell does he have a cordless phone? Now, I could maybe understand it if there had been a charging base with it. But this? This make no sense.

I managed to condense all of the shit in the bankers boxes down to two boxes from three just by packing it in there like a well executed game of Tetris. Now I have a large open space in that compartment in which I can store some shit when it comes time to pull blankets off the bed when the weather shifts to warmth. There damn sure isn’t room for the blankets under the bed right now, so I’ll have to shift some craft supplies to the basement storage compartment.

Some days, the never ending game of Tetris is exhausting. Today is one of those days,

final note: I haven’t yet tackled the truly frightening basement storage compartments. I’m almost afraid to do it without knowing Sunshine is here to lead the rescue mission in case I get stuck. And yes, getting stuck is a distinct possibility in the compartments I still want to tackle, because they go all the way through the bottom of the bus from one side to the other, and I can fit in there if I’m not bloated from PMS or too much salt intake or a foodbaby or anything. It has to be done, though. There’s shit in those compartments that we haven’t looked at for years (seriously, we don’t even know what the fuck is in some of those storage compartments because we haven’t been able to access them for so long, and we forgot to check before we set everything back up after the move).



3 thoughts on “When the cat’s away…

    1. OMG were you tapping our phones LOL

      HI confessed my crimes to him and he was all “YOU THREW AWAY MY COMFORTABLE TSHIRTS!!!!????”

      He was far less disturbed about the possibility of me stealing a bunch of belts and some bad ass leather gauntlet gloves. Go figure :-/

      Liked by 1 person

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