Gifts from Mollie

So yesterday morning, while Sunshine was off waiting in the lobby of the auto-body repair shop for his truck to be returned to him (a whole month after they got it, assholes), I decided Mollie might need to go for a little walkie.

So I changed clothes three times before finally feeling like I was OK with what I was wearing

side note: I’m sick of being cold and just throwing on random layers of merino wool just to stay warm. Where’s the fun and style in that?

and I put on my shoes and we went outside. Within ten feet of my front door, I realized I had stepped in some fresh runny animal shit and it was all over the bottom, side, and top of my shoe. Which pissed me off so bad that I went in the laundry room, used a throwaway rag to wipe it all off, and came inside to pout.

As I walked in the door, I noticed something that had escaped my attention on the way out the door.

gift from mollie.jpg

Mollie had brought me a little gift.

She had dug up the hide from a squirrel that Sunshine shot and cleaned sometime last week. The cats had fought over the hide for a day, then Mollie somehow wound up with it. Mollie proceeded to bury it, dig it up, move it, bury it, and repeat the process for an entire afternoon. I hadn’t seen the squirrel hide since then, until I found it in my floor this morning.

I couldn’t be mad at Mollie. She was just doing what doggies do. She brought her toy in the house.

I waited until she wasn’t looking and I sneaked it into the burn barrel. I don’t want to wake up one morning with that damn squirrel hide stuffed under my pillow in the bed.



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