Alternative Art

Mr B brought some pumpkins out here a couple of months ago, right after he arrived out here full-time. The pumpkins sat in the yard next to the solarium, just sitting there, little bits of orange in the grass. I don’t know what their purpose was supposed to be, so I just left them alone.

Fast forward to Saturday morning, when Sunshine and Mr B were standing in the yard next to the solarium discussing a bobcat sighting. I wandered up because I was searching for Mollie. After I saw that she was accounted for and safe, I noticed the pumpkins.

I have decreed that they are B’art (which is my abbreviation for Mr B art) and I have photographed them for you to enjoy. As I was digging for somebody’s phone so that I could immortalize the B’art, I asked “so what’s the deal with the pumpkins, anyway?” Mr B told me that he brought them here from an investment property he owned, and that after removing them from the vehicle and placing them on the ground, he promptly forgot to deal with them ever again and there they sat where he placed them when he removed them from the car.

side note: it simultaneously makes zero sense and perfect sense. That’s life out here some days.

Without further ado, I give you B’art.


final notes: almost immediately after I snapped these shots, Mr B’s large goofy dog took off chasing a cat and smashed the round one all to hell, which made me laugh so hard I almost choked.

Also, excuse my macabre sensibilities, I do tend to find the beauty (or at least the interesting) in the grotesque

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