I attacked those cast iron pieces yesterday. Or maybe they attacked me. I don’t know. It was ugly, and it was frustrating, and it was hard work.

I did manage to get two pieces (three if you count the lid to the pot) done and seasoned.

I took the small skillet from that rusty crusty mess to something that might be usable after a bit more seasoning. I scrubbed so hard it was getting close to bare, unseasoned metal  and really think it might need more scrubbing. I may have to consult my sister-in-law and get her expert opinion. It’s still splotchy, and I don’t know if that’s because some areas are more coated with seasoning or because I need to scrub more.

side note: anybody have any constructive criticism or pointers, please chime in. I welcome and appreciate the help.

I also got the medium pot cleaned up. It wasn’t in very bad shape, perhaps because the lid was on it when I found it, and maybe that protected the interior.

At the end of the effort, my hands were cramping, they were a little bit raw from all the steel wool making microabrasions, and my clothes were filthy. Good thing I saw the filthy coming and stole one of Sunshine’s work shirts and wore my old, paint stained sweatpants.

The other skillets are so crusted in fuck knows what that I just put that off for another day, and some research. The black, crusty unidentified substance all over the inside has me stymied. I scrubbed one tiny skillet for a very long time and barely made a dent in the crud crusted on it. I’m wondering if throwing it in a fire or sandblasting it isn’t the solution, but that’s a worry for another day. I have a fairly decent set of cast iron for now, and the rest will just be lagniappe (french, meaning “a little something extra”).

Now, I just need to start developing an interest in kitchen. Because I don’t kitchen well.

4 thoughts on “Two

  1. We use SOS pads when they need a good scrub and then season them with coconut oil or similar high heat oil for a good hour upside down in the oven at 350, then pulling out right away and give them a wipedown. I’ve had my 2 cast iron skillets for over 20 years, and an old All-Clad set of stainless for 10 years, they are the best. And by the way when I said we about the cast iron skillets I mean my husband 🙂

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