Cold weather is exhausting

I’ve been having to layer a lot to stay warm.

Layering is exhausting.

Clothes that fit on a normal day are a struggle to put on and take off when layers are factored in. I put on undergarments and socks, then I put on fleece lined leggings and a second pair of socks. Then I put on two base layer sweaters. Then I put on pants and boots. Then I add a top layer sweater. Then I add a scarf and a hat and a jacket and a coat if I have to go outside.

When it comes time to take all that shit off at the end of the day, it’s like weight training combined with yoga. I’m having to tug on garments that are stuck on other garments, and I’m having to contort myself to do all this tugging.

It’s exhausting, and it makes me want to move to some tropical paradise where one barely needs any clothing at all.

final note: it also makes me want a gym membership. Because I need to get prepared now for next winter’s stupid cold weather.


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