Cleaning House

One would think that it doesn’t take me long to clean our house. It’s just an RV, consisting of less than 250 square feet–nothing to it, right?

Wrong. Since we have so much fucking shit packed into this RV, cleaning house becomes a game of… Well, I don’t know what kind of game it becomes. Some sort of weird cross between musical chairs and Tetris, maybe? With a dash of Jenga thrown in for good measure some days. A dash of Pick-Up Sticks for flavor. All played on a Twister mat, because this magic bus cannot be cleaned without some serious contortions and gymnastics.

Let’s be honest. For all our talk of living simply and minimizing and downsizing and intentional ecofriendly ideal, Sunshine and I have a lot of shit. Now, we don’t have garage bays that can’t be used for cars and attics filled with stuff and guest rooms crammed full of stuff and a storage locker in one of those ubiquitous “u-stor-it” type places that seem to be on every corner and in the middle of every field. But we have a lot of shit. Some of it is really questionable, like Sunshine’s three banker’s boxes of receipts that he won’t let anybody get rid of (or at least digitize although really who wants to digitize all that shit when we know he isn’t willing to pay for the time it would take). Some of my craft supply stash is a bit quesitonable, like some of those acrylic yarns I keep hanging on to and random fabric swatches that I know could become something cool if only I could sew.

We also live out in the middle of buttfuck nowhere, which means that we are constantly tracking dirt and grass and leaves and animal shit into the house. A lot of that shit finds cracks and crevices to accumulate in. Sunshine makes dirt when he works as a mason, and often he makes dirt when he is doing non-mason stuff.

We have no space to store all of this shit, so it just gets creatively piled out of the way in the driver’s seat and the “doghouse” and in storage sheds bought to contain the overflow and in the basement storage compartments and anywhere else I can find space to cram some shit.

It’s exhausting, and it makes me procrastinate cleaning house. Procrastination just makes the problem worse, which just makes me procrastinate more. Vicious cycles.

Luckily for me, Sunshine is going out of town soon. Which will give me time to deal with some of this shit.


Well, looks like I’ll have to deal with some of it now. We have created a situation where the Jenga game collapsed.

final note: I have created pinterest boards with design ideas and organizing hacks. There is some bleedover between the two because the organization one was added when I realized that my design idea space was being overrun with storage ideas. Any tips or links you have that could be useful to me are always welcome.

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