Not today. Not like this.

I noticed my throat was getting sore last night. Fucking great. Sick is something I do a lot, but can ill afford due to my COPD. I’m hoping this (whatever this is) stays away from my lungs. I’m not prepared for that right now. I’m really not prepared for some shit with a sore throat right now, not when there’s so much shit I really need to get done before it drives me batshit crazy.

side note: when am I ever prepared for chest congestion? When am I ever prepared to be sick? never, that’s when. We have very little cash on hand, I still owe the doctor for my last visit, Sunshine’s truck is in the shop and the deductible will have to be paid before we can reclaim it, we won’t be able to pay the deductible until he has the truck so he can get to work…. OK, now I’m freaking myself out proper…

I’ve got a to-do list a mile long. A lot of it is inside work. We need somebody to research gardening so that we know what to start getting ready to plant. It seems to have fallen on me, since I have already done some research on gardening back when we planted our raised garden bed.

I desperately need to finish the massive clean-up that I started yesterday. I cleaned the everloving hell out of this magic bus yesterday and I woke up to chickenshit in the floor this morning. Thanks Sunshine; you just had to walk back in the house with chickenshit on your boots before you traipsed out into the woods to hunt, I suppose.

side note: I am sick to death with cleaning animal shit out of my floors. It’s been a never ending battle this last week or two and I am officially over it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look as if it will stop anytime soon, so it appears I’m stuck in this nightmare of continually cleaning shit out of my floor. Thank heaven Mollie isn’t contributing to the problem by shitting where the animal shit has been tracked through; I think she is as disgusted by it as I am.

I’m guess I’m about to go make the bed and get dressed. Maybe it will help motivate me to do some of the things on my to-do list even though my throat feels like somebody rubbed ground glass into it. And I am definitely going to have to try ad get on the closet situation ASAP, because I am tired of the constant struggle to find anything in this magic bus.

final note: I suppose it’s a good thing that I have a chronic illness. It’s taught me to persevere no matter what. I can get these things done in spite of being sick today. I just don’t want to. However, if I delay it, I’ll hate myself more tomorrow when I feel even sicker and the to-do list has grown even more.


2 thoughts on “Not today. Not like this.

    1. There’s always hope, although it is dwindling fast. I just stepped outside for a moment in all this cold wind, and got a bit of vertigo. Also, my head is starting to feel like it is congested. At least it isn’t in my chest. yet.

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