Happy New Year

Since Christmas Day, we have continued to work at clearing the area for our little house. Mr B has been hard at work with his tractor, continuing to grade and level the site and clear brush from the surrounding area.

There was a lot of brush and undergrowth, and as he removed it…. Well. let’s just say that it appears someone used the area to dispose of garbage so that they didn’t have to pay for trash pickup services. We found giant piles of ashes; hunks of metal; a small silo filled with bags of grass clippings; piles of household detritus including a shoe and a dog collar; and countless other bits of evidence that this was once a hoarder house.

The garbage has been disposed of properly. The underbrush has been collected in one central spot; I think Mr B and Sunshine plan on one hell of a giant bonfire for New Year’s Eve.

side note: Mr B has already hosted one hell of a bonfire this year. Mr B knows how to party, apparently


Sunshine has laid out the footprint of our small house. He is starting to place the boards that will contain the concrete for our slab when we get ready to pour. Once we get that done, we can start marking where all of the plumbing rough-ins and any electrical rough-ins need to go so that we can know what kind of materials we will need to procure.

Cedar pollen is trying to kill me (and it’s only at moderate levels), so I’m helping as I can with frequent breaks indoors so I can just breathe.

In spite of the fact that 2016 has been a never-ending dumpster fire, it is ending on a high note for us on a personal level. We are actually starting the process of building our small house! It will be a very slow process, and that’s ok. It is enough that the process has begun.



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