Little things

I mentioned yesterday that I had been thinking more about purchases instead of just buying shit to satisfy an immediate desire (or an urgent need that resulted from poor thought processes in past purchasing).

I’ve been thinking about can openers these last few days, probably because we talked about them at my sister-in-law’s on Christmas Eve as we chatted in the kitchen while she was cooking. She had this nifty number that took the tops off of cans in such a way that it left no jagged edges to cut fingers on. She is one of those really “crunchy” types: organic whenever possible, home cooking, sewing, crocheting, all that homesteady simple living stuff.

I think I’ve digressed…

I have never liked electric can openers. They’re just so temperamental. I’ve always preferred manual can openers; they work even when the electricity doesn’t. However, too many manual can openers just don’t stand up to abuse unless you can find a vintage one that was made to survive thermonuclear disaster. I remember my dad always had a can opener hanging from his keychain, and once my child-sized fingers got the hang of it, I actually preferred using that one.

Since Sunshine is one of those black helicopter whack jobs a bit of a prepper, we got our hands on a couple of those keychain can openers a few years ago.


I like it, but some days my hands just don’t cooperate with it. It’s pretty small, and hard to grip. Mine hasn’t been used in forever, so it’s a bit rusty. I was wandering the home stuff section of TJMaxx not long after I realized that the tiny nature of the keychain can opener was problematic, and I came across this beautiful creation.


It was the only one on the shelf, so I snagged it up quickly. I have never regretted it. The only regret that I have is that I didn’t take notes so I’d know who was responsible for this wonderful creation and look them up to see what else they might make that would solve some kitchen problems for me.

What this little thing has taught me, in spite of knowing nothing about it’s origin (I’m guessing Scandinavian based on the design and what little I remember of the minimalist packaging), is that I need to think before I buy stuff. I need to do my research, and be prepared to spend more for the right item instead of settling for the available-right-now model. This little gem turned out to be a happy accident, but it has made me aware that I don’t have to accept the mass market junk available at most stores in my area. A perfect and beautiful solution to my problems lies out there somewhere, just waiting for me to find it, if I just open my heart and mind to the possibilities.

final note: as we start the process of building our small house, I’ll definitely be researching things before I choose them. I want to make smart choices. I want to choose things that will have some quality and longevity, and hopefully they will be as beautiful to look at as they are practical to use.

postscript: apparently, this little thing is Danish. It is called the Butterfly tin opener, Designed by Marianne Britt Jørgensen and Rikke Hagen for Normann Copenhagen. I found some for sale at gilt [dot] com,  yliving [dot] com has them on closeout. Other items by this company are available at danishdesignstore [dot] com and yoox [dot] com. I know want to max out my credit card ordering all the things Normann Copenhagen makes for the kitchen.


3 thoughts on “Little things

    1. I found it at tjmaxx in Shreveport, which isn’t even a really good tjmaxx. I mean, I’ve definitely been in worse tjmaxx stores. Shreveport has no HomeGoods store, so yeah, this came from the home section of tjmaxx. Just discovered it’s origins, will edit post to include.

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