This is why we can’t have nice things

As we’ve started trying to live more simply and mindfully, I’ve been taking the time to think about what we put on our shopping lists. I try to only put needs on there rather than wants. We don’t need new sheets, but a new set with deeper pockets would sure be nice since we got our new mattress and topper.

For some time now, we’ve been struggling with our dishes. Many have broken or gone missing, and we had enough for each meal if we washed them between meals. Since the dishwasher wasn’t full after we used all of our dishes, and getting dishes washed in the kitchen sink is a two-man game of Tetris, we had not been washing the dishes after every use. We didn’t want to spend money on dishes (even though we kind of needed them) during our slowest months of the year.

So when my mom sent us a monetary gift for the Christmas, we chose a full set of new dishes. We also threw a few serving pieces into that virtual shopping cart to make the free shipping minimum. Hell, if I’m going to spend the same amount of money either way, I might as well get something we’ll use out of it, right?

We went with Corelle, because they have a reputation for durability, and they have open stock pieces so that you can pick a pattern and how many of which pieces you actually need. We mixed and matched some similar patterns to get the right sizes for our needs. The serving pieces are in the white tree pattern. Overall, I really like it, and don’t feel too worried that we’ll have to buy all new dishes if some pieces break.

We’ve had those dishes less than two weeks, and yesterday I noticed one of the mugs was missing. I asked Sunshine to help me find it, because I was pretty sure he was the one that misplaced it. See, he’s the one that’s always taking his coffee outside to conversate with Mr B, and I like to huddle on my couch with my precious coffee until I feel capable of rational thought.

He swore he didn’t take the mug outside. We looked and looked and looked: inside the magic bus, in all of our cars, inside the pink house, down near the barn, on the porches. No mug. I was becoming distraught, and started crying that “this is why we can’t have nice things!!!”

Shortly after that, Sunshine found the mug. Inside his truck. With a nice crusty ring inside it from coffee and half&half that had baked itself on there due to the greenhouse effect. Delicious.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

final note: I may have to dig out his old mugs and ban him from using the new ones in the mornings. I like having nice things, and I didn’t do all that research and data gathering (measuring the inside of the dishwasher, etc) for his fuckery to cause us to lose our dishes less than two weeks after we got them.


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