The realities of living tiny: organization

I can’t find my ankle braces. Well, one of them is accounted for, as it just turned up in the laundry; how it got there is a complete mystery to me. I have three or four of these sock style ankle supports, and yet I can’t fucking find them.

I’ve had trouble finding things since we moved into a magic bus six and a half years ago. The problem got a bit worse when we packed everything up for the move this past April. It has become a daily nuisance since the community house became a private residence and we lost our storage space for Sunshine’s huntinng and art supplies.

See, we play a constant game of Tetris in the magic bus. Now that there’s more shit in the magic bus than there ever was before, I can’t even eat a package of poptarts or pull a drink out of the fridge without playing Tetris. It’s getting frustrating as hell.

My problem is going to be making it until we get our little house built. Once we have our little house, we will have plenty of storage for all of the things that we currently don’t have storage for, like Sunshine’s hunting and art supplies and my craft supply stash.

I’m an impatient person. I’m pretty sure that my impatience is inextricably linked with my addiction, but that’s a train of thought for another day. Ultimately, that train of thought doesn’t matter. It is what it is, now what am I going to do about it?

I’m going to do my best to just tolerate the never-ending game of Tetris until we can get our little house ready to move in. I’ll probably fail. I’ll go on an organizing bender that includes a great purge, and the great purge will (of course) be my stuff, because Sunshine rarely gets rid of anyfuckingthing.

This is another one of those character quirks that confirms that I am my mother’s child. She was a clean freak throughout my childhood. She still is. And I acquired my need for organization and neatness from her. Mom is why it’s a problem for Sunshine to just make piles of stuff in the living room of the magic bus (well, mom, and lack of space). So I’ll probably do what I always do, which is to get rid of some of my shit so that Sunshine won’t have to give up any of his shit.

side note: if you’re thinking that doesn’t sound fair, don’t worry. I agree wholeheartedly. However, I am the one who isn’t overly attached to stuff. Sunshine, on the other hand, well…..

If we don’t hurry up and get a house built that will contain all of Sunshine’s stuff in an out-of-sight manner, I’m going to wind up being one of those people who owns less than 100 things. Because I cannot tolerate clutter and mess. Because I cannot tolerate this never ending game of Tetris. Because, in the end, it’s just stuff and it can be replaced if I ever decide I need a replacement.

Now, I’m going to go organize some shit and see if I can find some of my ankle supports, because my ankle hurts from falling in that hole.


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