Christmas Eve

This post has been scheduled in advance. Sunshine and I will be visiting his family in Louisiana today and I don’t want to travel with my computer.

side note: if I hadn’t been the dumbass that walked into the computer store and said “I want a laptop with a screen so big I give everybody in the room screen envy”, then I might be more inclined to travel with my computer. However, I was that dumbass, and screen envy comes with a price. My laptop weighs a lot, and I try not to move it any more than I have to.

This will be my 10th Christmas spent with Sunshine. We’ve been living together for eight and a half years or so. We’ve been crammed into this magic bus together for six and a half years. Mollie has been crammed in the magic bus with us for just under six years.

However, this Christmas will be our first Christmas as a married couple.

That’s right. Sunshine and I are getting married today. His nephew is an ordained minister and will be making it official.

Pretty fucking strange for two people who didn’t think they’d ever get married again. I guess the third time is a charm.

final note: Sunshine better not ever forget our anniversary. It can’t be that fucking hard to remember that we got married on Christmas Eve.


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