Frozen Water Pipes

I woke up yesterday morning to no fucking water. No cold water, no hot water. Which told me that the magic bus wasn’t getting any water at all.

So Sunshine got up out of bed and got busy trying to fix the water pipes right away.

Just kidding, Mr B had to drive to Dallas to pick up a car that some woman in Switzerland (or Sweden or one of those “S” countries) wants Mr B to sell for her. Because that had been planned in advance. Which tells me that from now on, I guess I need to plan my frozen water pipes in advance.

So several hours later, Sunshine was able to actually start trying to find the frozen water pipe. He found one frozen and broken water pipe at a quick glance, and two more under the house. A couple hours (and a trip to the building supply store) later, after he had repaired and re-repaired those busted spots, the water got turned on only to discover another leak. Another trip to the building supply store and they thought they had it fixed; however, when they turned the water back on another spot exploded.

Nobody had water last night.

Mr B is made yet another run to the builder supply store last night, so that they can get on it first thing in the morning. I think the plan is to aim the kerosene fueled blast furnace under the magic bus so that any frozen lines on our end can start to defrost while they repair the latest exploded water line under the laundry room.

Speaking of laundry rooms, Sunshine went through two full sets of warm work clothes yesterday. Two layers of heavy sweatshirts and two heavy layers of pants. He also got his Carhartt coat wet, and the sleeve of it froze solid with icicles hanging off of it. So they’re going to have to restore water soon or I’m going to have to go spend a fortune at a laundromat to get all that shit washed before it gets all moldy and mildewey.

Thank heaven our temperature is on the upswing. I’m sick to death with polar vortex cold. I’m tired of not being able to feel my toes.

In other positive news, our new dishes arrived. My mom got us a new set of dishes for Christmas, and they arrived yesterday! Along with stickers on each and every piece that said they must be washed before using. Which was lovely, since

A) the dishwasher doesn’t work without water coming into the RV


B) the dishwasher was filled with all of the dirty dishes from dinner the night before.

However, I am not so helpless and clueless that I couldn’t figure out how to solve my problems with the resources I had available to me. I opened up all of those crates of bottled water that Sunshine has been stockpiling and I heated some water up on the stove

which necessitated a trip to the barn to get a new propane tank because we were out of propane

and finally, I was able to fill up the sinks with water to wash and rinse all of the dishes. Disgustingly productive of me, I know. I also managed to stash all of my yarn that I’m through using because I’ve finally finished all of the Christmas presents I had to make. I also managed to wrap them all and get them under the tree.

With any luck, we’ll figure out the plumbing nightmares today, and life will get back to normal for us out here in the buttfuck middle of nowhere.


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