Christmas Crack

Let me start by saying that I do not kitchen well. I don’t enjoy cooking, I don’t enjoy baking, and I most decidedly do not enjoy cleaning up the kitchen.

I used to bake cookies and shit at Christmas time. I also made candy for several years when Sunshine and I got together. However, once we moved into the magic bus, I had no way to bake cookies and candy making was hard with no real countertop space to work with. So I gave up on the Christmas kitchen crafty shit.

This year, I got it in my head that I was going to make Christmas candy for our new neighbors.

side note: Now, remember that I don’t kitchen well and that we have no countertop space. We actually have less now than we had when we got the RV, because we removed the useless waste of space that was our dining table and banquette seating and turned the space into something far more practical (craft supply storage).

This morning, I started making Christmas candy. The prep work took quite a while, but if there’s one thing I learned as a stagehand, it’s that the set-up dictates how well the run of show (and take-down afterward) will go. Once I got everything pretty well set up, measure out, and etcetera, it was a bit easier.

Sunshine abandoned me after I got my first tray of Christmas crack done. I’m kind of glad, because his stupid fear-mongering clickbait videos were getting on my last damned nerve. He took Mollie and they went to watch fringe science videos with Mr B. Which is cool, because I’ll get the abbreviated version of the conclusion after they have watched and discussed the videos.

I made some Christmas crack candy with M&Ms on top, and some with coconut on top. My pictures aren’t as disgustingly perfect as the ones in the link, but I’m OK with that. I don’t have the kitchen to make stuff that’s yummy and looks pinterest-perfect.

Final note: the candy is going into gift bags with the wild boar jerky that Sunshine and I made to give to the neighbors for Christmas. I know some of the neighbor ladies don’t eat wild game, so the candy is specially for them.



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