Clearing the Tree Line

We’ve been talking about clearing the tree line for some time now. We’ve known it was going to be a lot of work, so we haven’t exactly been chomping at the bit to go start the process. We talked about goats, because they eat all kinds of shit; then we realized that we probably couldn’t properly care for goats and we had no barn or pen or anything for them to stay safe in at night. So, no goats.

Yesterday, the neighbor, who just happens to be a heavy equipment repair expert, got a forestry machine in his shop for repairs. After he completed the work, he needed to test drive the machine.

He got all the shit knocked down and chewed up as much as he could with this machine. There is a bit of shit we have to go take a chainsaw to, but the task is nowhere near as overwhelming as it once seemed.

Because I’m such a 6 year old at heart, here are some pictures of this machine chewing up trees and shit. For reasons.

Now that the treeline has been pushed back a bit, the predators should stay a bit further from our chicken house. Not that the chickens are actually doing anything useful like laying eggs or anything.

Once we get done chainsawing all the big stuff up, Mr B can break out that tractor he bought and grade the ground so it’s all nice and semi-flat.

It’s finally starting to look like something around here.


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