Batten down the hatches

Some brutal (for us) cold is coming.

Which means we had to get outside, no matter how shitty I feel today, and get some shit done to prepare. We moved some giant foam blocks around to close any gaps in the skirting we made for the magic bus.

We also took a half-sized foam block and made a cat igloo.

Sunshine carved it with a chainsaw to hollow it out.


Than we placed it on the concrete slab. We put a layer of waterproofing underlayment down, followed by a couple of layers of eggcrate foam, then we put the cat igloo on top of that and threw some cat food in there so they’d get the idea.


Now, their survival is up to them over the next few days and nights. We’ve done all we can to give them a fighting chance (short of bringing them in the houses, which is NOT happening since the little bastards don’t even cover their own poop, much less know how to use a litter box).


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