I am a meat popsicle

I am so glad I got off my ass and did all the winterizing shit yesterday. It got cold last night, below freezing, but tonight is going to be worse. Hell, as miserable as yesterday was with all that cold drizzly shit, today is worse.

The wind is out of the north, and while the temperature is above freezing now (I think), the “feels like” is still well below freezing. My dog and I are of a like mind today; she’s snuggled in on the couch pouting because Poppy came home last night but he’s already gone again and it’s fucking cold and everybody is supposed to be on the couch together when it’s cold.

I’ve been catching up laundry today, since Sunshine came home with two loads worth of dirty clothes last night, and I’m afraid the pipes will freeze or I will freeze tonight and the man needs his clean underwear and long johns to go bury my frozen body in the backyard or whatever.

Laundry sucks ass today. I have to go outside to get to the unheated laundry room off the side of the pink house and it sucks.

Later today, after we run the dishwasher and take our showers, the tanks will have to be dumped again to make sure nothing overflows when we leave a drip tonight. Because overflowing holding tanks are bullshit. I’m kind of regretting that extra block of foam I put against the northern side of the magic bus, because it means it’s going to be extra work to get to the dump valves and I’ll probably lose some toes to frostbite while helping Sunshine move the foam blocks I rearranged.

I’m wearing my flannel lined jeans and two polar fleece sweaters and I am still freezing my ass off. What makes it even worse is the fact that I’m wearing so many bright colors that I feel like I look like Walt Disney threw up all over me and all I want to do is pile on all the black clothes because it’s cold and gross and gloomy and I am grumpy as hell about it.

Sorry for the whiny rant, but this is my place to be honest about the realities of simple living.

final note: I’m about to make good use of that full tank of propane and crank the furnace. Fuck being cold.

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