DIY Fabric Wreaths

Hey there peeps! It’s Tia again, here to share one of the crafts I’ve been working on with some of the goodies Miss Cindy sent me in that truck load she told ya about.
Now I know I said before that we’d be making some junk journals but it’s almost time for The Christmas and so I wanna show you these cute little wreaths instead. We’ll make those journals in January, just in time for your New Year’s Resolutions.
I won’t pretend I’m some sort of craft guru no matter what Cindy says. Mostly I just like to see if I can make things instead of buying them. I’m thrifty like that. Or cheap, whatever.
So these little wreaths are amazingly easy, they’re cute and customizable, and you can make them with stuff you have in your craft stash or that you can find at your local thrift store. And it all costs less than half of what these cost at those fancy pants stores like Pier One.
What you’ll need:
Scrap fabric
Metal hoop or embroidery hoops
Ribbon or twine (to make a loop to hang the wreath)
Ribbon, pinecones, flowers, or whatever else you’d wanna decorate with
Hot glue gun or an equivalent adhesive to attach said decorations
First you’ll need to cut your fabric into strips. The metal hoop I’m using (found at Michael’s a million years ago for another project…) is about 5 inches in diameter. So I cut my fabric strips about 4-5 inches long and about an inch wide. As you can see in the photos, this is not a project where measurements need to be absolutely precise.
I chose to use two different fabrics simply because I like the contrast but you can do whatever is pleasing for you. The fabric I’m using came from Cindy’s truck load of goodies but if you don’t have any on hand, you can grab some fat quarters at the craft store for a buck or so a piece.
Now I’m dealing with some brain fog and didn’t remember to count how many strips I cut nor did I measure the fabric ahead of time. My bad. Sorry! I will say I wasn’t more than a yard total.
After your strips are cut, you’ll knot them around the hoop. I chose to do two of the red check pattern for every one of the white with red pattern. By all means, play around with what looks good to you! To make the knots, fold a strip of fabric in half, fold over the hoop, and pass the ends of the fabric strip through the loop made where it’s folded. (I tried to show you in the photos.) Pull the ends tight and that’s it! Keep tying knots until your hoop is covered and your wreath is as full as you’d like.
And that’s it. If you’d like to hang up, tie a loop of twine or ribbon at the top. You can also bust out your hot glue gun and add all sorts of decorations: jingle bells, pinecones, plastic snowflakes, glitter, dried or fake flowers, the possibilities are endless.
tias finished mini wreath.jpg
Oh, and these cuties are good for all kinds of things, not just The Christmas. You could do pastels and make one for Spring/Easter. Or use orange and black and make one for Halloween. You could make them in coordinating colors for a new baby’s nursery even or to show support for your favorite sports team.
One last thing, I did go back through and trim my ends at an angle just to give it a more uniform look. Obviously you don’t have to do that.
Now go forth, my friends, and decorate with all the little wreaths! And yesterday Cindy was telling y’all about how we’ve been craft swapping. If any of y’all would like to join us, please comment or email Cindy. We’re pretty low key, just trying to offer goods/services and share our talents while making connections with like-minded people. Crafting makes me happy, it’s a form of therapy that helps me deal with life with chronic pain. If I can make things for others and trade for something to help me out? That’s cream cheese icing on the proverbial red velvet cake.
Until next time peeps, be good to one another. Spread kindness like confetti. Hell, spread confetti like confetti. That shit will make anyone smile!



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