Weekly Progress Report: The Sunshine Edition

Sunshine took his last dose of his treatments this week. I’m hoping that, as the meds cycle out of his system, he starts getting some energy back. These meds have been brutal, sapping him of a lot of energy. Even though he takes them at bedtime and therefore sleeps through the worst of the side effects, he’s slowly gotten more and more easily tired over the last few months.

I’m also hoping that once the meds cycle out of his system, he gets to start enjoying the benefits of being cured. Most people who have been through treatment for the same condition say they felt better afterward than they had in years or even decades.

We made it through the treatments. In the beginning, I had my doubts. It did get better after he quit taking the meds every morning, thank heaven; but there have still been a lot of headaches like dealing with insurance companies, patient assistance programs, and multiple trips to the tribal clinics and pharmacies. There’s been paperwork, and testing, and more paperwork, and more testing….

It’s over. Barring any unusual test results in a few months, his treatments are over. I would cry with gratitude but I can’t afford to cry. It makes me have snot that settles into my lungs and causes a cough, and that ain’t good with my COPD.

There’s more good news about Sunshine’s health, though. His diabetes is controlled so well that they’re kicking him out of the diabetes clinic. They’re going to let his primary doctor manage it unless things get all out of order in the future. They say they need to devote their time and resources in the diabetes clinic to people who need help controlling their diabetes. Sunshine has been trying to tell us that he’s the healthiest person in the diabetes clinic; I guess he was on to something.

I’ll probably spend the rest of the holiday season overwhelmed with gratitude for Sunshine’s improved health. It’s one hell of a gift.

final note: of course, this isn’t all that’s happened this week. It’s just all I care to write about. This shit is huge.


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