The freezer is almost full

Since the family B is preparing the pink house for habitation, the freezer in the kitchen is about to become their freezer, which means that all of that wild boar we had been storing in there had to go somewhere else. Now, I know that Mr B says that we can use that freezer and fridge, but Mr B is really just being nice. I’ve seen how the family B buys mayonnaise and shit and their bulk-grocery-buying habits make for a packed fridge and freezer.

So I got Sunshine to help me fire up our chest freezer (I couldn’t find an outlet to plug it into), and I packed it full of bottles of water to help it cool down and stay cool. Once it had been cooling for a couple of days, I got all the wild pig meat packed in it.

As soon as I thought I had that situation settled, we had to process Sunshine’s first deer of the season. The freezer is almost full now. We actually had to give away one and a half racks of wild pig ribs just to make some room for stuff that wasn’t wild pig ribs. We didn’t have time to cook them, and we still have two large wild pig rib racks that we need to do something with ASAP because we have another deer to process and package and freeze, and the freezer is really almost full.

side note: the fact that we smoked all the bones to make Mollie treats that are also now in the freezer isn’t helping the storage situation, but it sure helps our wallets. She will work a smoked bone for an entire evening, where a pupperoni or dentastix lasts about 3.2 seconds.

The good news is that there is a second chest freezer, kindly donated to the community by Mr B’s mom. We are probably going to have to fire that one up soon. Mr B and Sunshine seem to be on a mission to shoot enough squirrels to make a big ole pot of gumbo, which is ultimately going to take up a lot of freezer space.

side note: when I say big ole pot of gumbo, I mean a seriously big-ass fucking pot. I could almost take a bath in Mr B’s gumbo pots, and a petite woman probably could. Them’s some big-ass pots, because when a Cajun cooks, the cajun cooks for the entire Cajun Navy. If you have never read about the Cajun Navy, go google it now. The Cajun Navy is all those people in Louisiana that take their boats into disaster zones (which inevitably become flood zones in Louisiana) and rescue people trapped by floodwaters. Gotta love the Cajun Navy–they saved lives after Katrina (a tattoo artist I know had to have his thumb reattached after Katrina because it got smashed in a rescue), and they saved lives after thirty inches of rain fell on Baton Rouge in a day earlier this year. I digress…

It’s definitely a good problem to have. It’s much better than having the opposite problem; and it’s a problem that we already have a solution in place for. Which is a very good thing with another deer to butcher this week; and Mr B still has all of his deer tags left.



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