Sunshine has gotten two deer this hunting season. Mr B got the predator cat.

They have saved the hides and are planning on processing them. I think it’s cool, right up until the part where brains are involved. See, Sunshine uses old-school methods of tanning hides, which involves boiling the brains of the animal. I don’t understand it at all, but it seems to work for him so I keep my mouth shut.

side note: I’m just hoping that the zombie apocalypse doesn’t happen, because what kind of target would we be with all these spare brains around?

I’m not sure what will become of these hides once they’ve been tanned. I guess Mr B is planning on displaying his bobcat hide.


I’m wondering if Sunshine is planning on making a giant robe or blanket or something from his deer hides.


side note: he has promised his sister a deer hide if he gets his two does he is allowed, so that answers the question for one hide, but the rest? who knows.

For now, we are still in the salting and stretching phases with the three hides we do have.

If these two keep this shit up at this rate, we’re going to have to build an outbuilding just for tanning here on the property.

final note: I have repeatedly asked Sunshine why he doesn’t do a wild pig hide. He says that they are very thick and require much more work to make them soft. I’m waiting for him to get one of the ones with little watermelon spots, or one of the ones that looks like a cow. Maybe if it’s particularly unique, I can talk him into it. He does like to say that “pigs are the new buffalo”.


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