We’ve ascertained that the coyotes are loud and proud around here. We’ve figured out that they’re probably going to get louder and prouder as the preparation for the new reservoir progresses.

However, coyotes aren’t the only predators around here. We had been hearing rumours of a predator cat out here for quite some time. Sunshine had even toyed with the idea of hunting the fucker.

Well, while out deer hunting this morning, Mr B took down a predator cat on the backside of the property where we live.

side note: that isn’t that far away from the house. This property is 10 acres. If this bastard was within 10 acres of my house, he was entirely too fucking close for my comfort.


While part of me is sad that this beautiful animal is dead, a larger part of me is glad this is one less predator threat for us to worry about.


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