Gratitude is an action word. That’s something I learned in 12 step recovery.

Today, on what we white folks call Thanksgiving, and the First Americans call Day of Mourning, I’m grateful for a lot.

I’m grateful that I’m clean today.

I’m grateful that Sunshine didn’t go hunting this morning. We’re going to have Danishes for breakfast together, with our hazelnut flavored coffee.

I’m grateful for my family. I’m more grateful that they still associate with me after all of the years of my active addiction.

I’m grateful for how simple my life seems most days.

Today, I’m not making black friday shopping lists. I’m not participating in the overconsumption of foods traditionally associated with Thanksgiving as white Americans understand it.

Today, we’re going to put up our holiday decorations, because twinkle lights make my heart smile. We’re going to have some lasagna for lunch. We’re going to have some apple pie for dinner. We’re going to pray to the hunting gods and goddesses that Sunshine gets a couple of does this weekend.

Tomorrow, we’re going to process the first deer Sunshine killed this season. We’ve got another to process sometime next week. There’s something to be grateful for–an abundance of food, food that isn’t pumped full of antibiotics and steroids and preservatives.

And because gratitude is an action word, this weekend I will be making some hats and scarves to send to the water protectors at Standing Rock. They need our support.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all.

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