Slow day

I’m enjoying a slow day today. I had some of my laundry that requires special attention to deal with today. Since we have a lot of sunlight and fair temperatures today, it was a perfect day to line dry the stuff that can’t go into the machine.

I also took advantage of the warmer weather to carry my ass out to the raised garden bed and pull out all of the pea and squash plants that dies with our first freeze a couple of nights ago. I was sad to see them go. I moved them over to the compost heap, so they will be helping provide us with food in the future also.

It’s about to get hectic here in the middle of buttfuck nowhere. Thanksgiving is coming, which means the Christmas decorations can come out. We have a deer to butcher. I still have lots of Christmas presents to make, as well as a couple of commissions to complete. There’s also the gifts we want to make to give our neighbors.

Tomorrow, while it’s raining, I’ll be dying a yellowish-tan sweater and digging out the Christmas decorations so that they can go up later this week. Wednesday, I plan to make a stock-up run to the local big-box store so that we don’t have to co-sign the madness on black friday or support retailers who have moved the black friday sales up to thanksgiving day.

Truly slow days are few and far between in life, so I am grateful for them when they happen.


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