Weekly Progress Report

It’s deer season. And Sunshine got his first buck of the season this week.

Which means we will be spending our black friday butchering meat. I’m OK with that. It sure sounds better than being beaten to a bloody pulp over an $85 teevee.

In other news, the guys are making slow but steady progress inside the pink house. The kitchen has brand new cabinets, countertop, tile backsplash, sink,and faucet. The paint is mostly done inside (thank heaven, because all those different varieties of salmonella pink/orange were eye-poppingly bad). The “beam me up scottie” shower has been installed in the bathroom. Sunshine started to install the ditra uncoupling underlayment for the tile floor in the bathroom but had to stop work; the toilet has a leak and the subfloor is wet and mildewy/moldy. It isn’t enough to need a professional remediation team or anything, but the leak must be found and stopped, and the floor must be cleaned/repaired, before the floor can be done.

Sunshine finally got the ball rolling to get his truck fixed from where the stone yard forklift bashed into it. The stone yard people were shocked at the final number on the repair estimate, which shocks me because how can you be in construction related business and NOT know that dually trucks are expensive as fuck to maintain/repair? But whatever, they decided to let their insurance pay for the damages, which means we will be letting the full might of our insurance company and its army of attorneys go to work for us to get the repairs done right and paid for in full by somebody other than us or our insurance company.

We had our first freeze last night, which has motivated me to try and get Sunshine motivated to put some sort of skirting around the RV so that cold winds can’t blow under there. As much as we have done to insulate the living quarters, our vulnerability is still the underside. It won’t be too difficult to actually accomplish it, it’s just a matter of getting off our asses and doing something about it once it warms up enough to do so.

Now, I’m going to go snuggle in with a hot mug full of hazelnut coffee, because it is cold.


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