Lesson learned

This morning, Sunshine got up early to go hunting in the woods behind the house. That event isn’t worth writing about in and of itself.

However, Sunshine didn’t feed the cats before he walked into the woods, and wound up with cats in the tree with him. Lots of cats.

So he climbed back down and hiked back up to the house to feed the cats. On his way back into the woods, he came across one tiny little kitten sitting in the trail wailing away, lost and hungry. So he had to pick up the little kitten and bring it back to the house to leave him to hunt in peace.

The moral of this story is that we have to many fucking cats and Sunshine and Mr B need to load up all these excess cats and take them to the cat sanctuary at the buddhist monastery or wherethefuckever they plan to take them

The personal lesson for Sunshine is that he might want to feed the damn cats before he goes hunting from now on.


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