Hunting season

It’s deer season.

Which means that I am spending a lot of time alone.

Because Sunshine is spending a lot of his time in a tree. Or some shit.

I’m trying to focus on the silver lining here. At least I can watch whatever the hell I want to watch while Sunshine is in a tree. I can clean up the house and get rid of things that really really should be gotten rid of–without being questioned about it. I can organize things without having to listen to him ask why can’t I just leave his things alone.

I also am grateful that he spends so much time, money, effort, and energy on hunting instead of so many of the other things he could be spending too much money on. It’s definitely an improvement for people like Sunshine and I.

I also am grateful that, even when he doesn’t see a deer, Sunshine gets so much from sitting in that tree. See, he finds a deep connection with his higher power when he is sitting in a tree, or a ground blind, or walking through the woods. Part of me envies him for that. Part of me sometimes wishes that I could commune with my higher power in a tree; part of me know that there are ticks and shit in trees and then I’m not so envious anymore.

Anyway, while he is out there in a tree, I guess I need to go start working on figuring out what to do about dinner. And cleaning some shit while he isn’t here to question my decisions bahahahahaha

final note: no, Sunshine, I don’t throw away your important shit while you aren’t looking. I just find creative ways to hide it and then I generally forget which tiny crevice I stuffed it into. Sorry.


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