Hunger Games: the farm animal edition

Nobody put the chickens up last night.

Which meant that the fucking chickens terrorized the cats while the cats were trying to eat this morning.

Of course, the cats only got fed after I waded through 12 fucking cats to get to their food. I have to admit that some cats got stepped on as I tried to make my way to their food. Which only occurred after I scooted 9 of the little fuckers off of my front steps just to get out the fucking door.

20 pounds of catfood have been eaten by these fucking cats in the last week. That’s getting expensive.

Mr B and I had come up with a plan to take some of the cats to the shelter but Sunshine nixed it because “they’ll just kill them”. Which is probably true, but nobody wants to take in any cats, nobody wants to pay to fix 12 cats, so we just keep accumulating more cats.

It’s insane and it has to end.

Also? The chickens have to be put up at night or we are having a chicken feast for dinner really soon.

update: apparently, Sunshine and Mr B have hatched a plan that involves rehoming many of the cats. Our buddy in the next blip on the map has agreed that he needs two cats because mice, and he thinks his neighbor might take one or two. Some of the rest will be rehomed to a buddhist monastery Mr B knows about that takes in cats, and the remainder will stay here and get fixed so that we don’t have this problem on a continuing basis. I’m happy no cats will die in this plan and we still get rid of many of the cats.


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