Weekly Progress Report: More broken things

It’s been a rough week for things here in the middle of buttfuck nowhere.

Sunshine’s truck got bashed by a forklift.

The plumbing in the pink house has given Mr B and Sunshine fits all week as they’ve tried to get the kitchen and bathroom redone.

The 4-wheeler is leaking gas.

All of the outside lights on this end of the pink house have quit working. (Thank heaven most of that is really easy fixes.)

I’ve broken one quarter of our cereal bowls and one quarter of our salad plates, which means that we are now out of clean dishes long before the dishwasher gets full. I’m going to have to shop for new dinnerware soon, and it can’t be stoneware because stoneware is so chunky that I can’t fit as many things in the dishwasher at one time.

The door to the cabinet over my kitchen sink is wonky. It takes a few tries to get it to latch shut so nobody gets a concussion or gashed-open-head from the damned thing swinging open because it’s wonky.

The front door on my magic bus won’t shut properly. It shuts, it doesn’t catch; therefore, every time Miss Mollie goes in or out, the door swings open. It doesn’t matter how hard I slam it, it refuses to catch and stay shut.

One of Sunshine’s rifles has a broken spring inside it so that it won’t work now.

Both clothes dryers brought here by the family B are inoperable. Mr B scheduled an appliance repair guy to come out yesterday and fix what he could. The nice man got the older of the two dryers to work. For one load of clothes. I’m so frustrated on Mr Bs behalf right now I could yarf.

It’s rainy and cloudy here right now. Has been for days. Will continue to be that way for a few more days. Which means my “solar clothes dryer” (aka the clothesline) doesn’t work right now either. Even once the sun comes out again, it may or may not be warm enough to dry the clothes in one full day of hanging on the line.

This means that the inside of the magic bus looks like the inside of a low-class bordello. There are clothes hanging everywhere. I’ve bandanas hanging from the visors in the front. I’ve got shorts hanging from cabinet knobs on the closets. I’ve got shirts hanging up everywhere I can find that will support a coat hanger with a wet garment on it. I even have a folding drying rack positioned in front of my craft stash chest in the hopes that I can get some clothes to dry.

The prospect of getting clothes to dry? Not promising. Since the front door won’t latch properly, I can’t seal out the humidity.

I guess I’m going to have to see if Sunshine is willing to go check the pawn shop for a used dryer to solve the problem. Otherwise, we’re going to run out of both clean clothes AND space to dry the ones that actually get washed.

Some of Sunshine’s power tools he uses for work aren’t functioning properly. It’s made getting things done quite the process.

I’m sure I’m forgetting some broken things, but I think this list gets the point across. I’m going to go craft some shit. Because crafting is soothing to my soul.


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