Sunshine’s truck got bashed up by the forklift operator at the stone yard today.

It made me really glad we have a good insurance company. My insurance company gets to have the headache for me. All we have to do is show up for the appointment with the claims guy and take the truck to the repair shop.

side note: yes, we will be taking the truck to the repair shop. The bashing it got today was on the parts of the truck that Sunshine recently spent a bunch of money to fix because it was beat.

It’s just another pain-in-the-ass, headache kind of thing. Shit happens.

We’ve been having another one of those headaches the last several days. The clothes dryer quit working. Initially, we thought, “No big deal” because Mr & Mrs B had a spare one sitting in their trailer with some of their stuffs and things. Yay for simple solutions. Until we discovered that the reserve dryer wouldn’t work either.

Ultimately, all we have to do is make sure somebody is here to let the appliance repair technician in the laundry room, so no big headache, right?

Wrong. We all have laundry that we can’t wash because it’s too cloudy and rainy to hang it on the line to dry.

Good thing I hoard panties, I guess.

side note: yes, I really do hoard panties. I probably have more pairs of panties than 6 women could wear in a year. I don’t know why I do it, I just know that I do. I’ll run out of clean clothes before I run out of clean panties. I know, I’m weird.

Will I get through these inconveniences? Of course. It’s not like Sunshine doesn’t have a spare truck that we can use while the one he drives regularly is being repaired; and I can certainly find creative ways to stash the dirty clothes until there is a dryer available (or some sunshine) so I can actually get the clothes through the laundry cycle.

I’m gonna go play with Mollie. She makes me laugh when she’s on the bed trying to catch the toys I throw; she looks like a Simone Biles in training with all the jumping and flipping and such. And laughter is the best medicine.


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