We ate some veggies that we grew!

I picked a few (four, to be exact) zucchini this weekend, and I gave half of them to the family B and kept the other half for myself. Yesterday evening I went to check the garden to see if my peas are ready yet (nope, not yet) and saw that a yellow squash was ready so I picked it.

I had some multicolored peppers from Mrs W, so I pulled those out of the freezer and added them to my collection of things I wanted to eat.

I created a sort of southwestern stir fry with some steak strips, and put it over some quinoa (much better than rice when it comes to Sunshine’s diabetes). I won’t bore you with pictures of the finished product, because what’s really important here is that I grew my own food! (Well, WE grew our own food, Sunshine certainly did half the work.)

It feels good to have grown something that we then ate. It feels so much better than buying a bag of premixed vegetables from the freezer section at the grocery store. It even feels better than buying some vegetables grown by some unnamed farmer in some unspecified place. This is why we moved out here and started this simple living journey.


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