Happy Birthday, Mollie!

Mollie is our rescue baby. Sunshine adopted her from the animal rescue in Shreveport as my Valentine’s day present about five and a half years ago. When I first took her to the vet, they estimated her to be five months old, which meant she was probably born in October. I decided, on the spot, that my Mollie’s birthday was Halloween.

Every year, we have celebrated Mollie’s birthday on Halloween. She has no concept of trick-or-treat, but she sure does like opening her birthday present every year (which is usually just a gift bag stuffed with little rubber squeaky toys and a lot of tissue paper because she has as much fun tearing up the paper as she does checking out the new toys).

Mollie isn’t spoiled at all. She just knows that gift bags are fun, and that even if there isn’t a squeak toy inside, it’s still fun to stick her nose in there and dig around.




Sometimes, I dress her up for Halloween, which she thinks is not a fun thing to do at her birthday party. This year, she was a chihuahua or something.


Don’t worry, I only leave the costume on her long enough to get a picture then she gets to wear her birthday suit again.

Happy Birthday, Mollie, mummy loves you!


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