Weekly Progress Report: Chaos and Noise

I’m going to start by taking back everything I ever said about how quiet it is out here. I was awake at 6 this morning because the rooster was making these weird ass noises. I can’t even call it crowing; it didn’t have enough syllables, nor did it have enough tonal variations. I wish the people who keep letting the dumbass chickens out of their chicken house would actually round the chickens up every night instead of letting this stupid ass rooster sleep a few feet from my bedroom window so he can wake me up making half-ass rooster noises at 6 in the damn morning. (I’m looking at you, Sunshine and Mr B. If y’all ain’t gonna chase the chickens and put them up at night, don’t let them out. I’m awake far too early for a Sunday and now I have the grumpy-uglies.)

I’m also hearing a lot of coyote noise out there, even as the sun thinks about rising. Of course, we have gotten used to the coyotes since moving out here, but they are getting louder as a result of being driven from their habitats by clearcutting operations that are stripping the earth of everything that can taken from it before this new reservoir goes in. Maybe the coyotes will eat that stupid ass rooster since nobody will put him back in his chicken house.

There’s been a lot of chaos going on inside, too. Mr B and Sunshine have been working inside the pink house to get it ready for the family B to move in. I think Mr B is getting a small taste of exactly what kind of fucking nightmare the plumbing is in that house. Last I checked, they still hadn’t been able to put in the kitchen cabinets or beam-me-up-Scottie modular shower, because they’ve been working on the plumbing and the subfloor that was damaged by the leaks in the janky-ass plumbing that was left here by the previous owners.

The inside of that house has become an obstacle course. There are kitchen cabinets all over the place, along with all of Mrs B’s boxes marked “kitchen”. We also still have the giant particle board entetainment center sitting right where the previous owner left it. It is filled with Sunshine’s doomsday prepper bottles of water and all of the ceramic soapdishes, toothbrush holders, and etc that I grabbed from Sunshine’s old warehouse when we cleaned it out with the idea that the pink house’s bathroom could use them. I’d go in there and smash the entertainment center to bits and get it out of their way, but I’m not going to be the one to unfuck that stack of hoarded shit that Sunshine has in there. He wouldn’t let me throw away the old satellite teevee receiver even though the company continues to refuse to send me a box to return it, so he can fucking deal with that stupid box. He is also going to do something with his doomsday prepper stash of bottles of water. After the apocalypse, when I get thirsty, I’m going to the creek that runs through our backyard and I’m going to scoop me some water up in a pan and I’m going to boil it and drink it. Until then, he can figure out what he’s going to do with all those bottles of water, because I have the grumpy-uglies and I ain’t the one.

I did get the rest of our furniture out of the pink house and moved it down to the barn. As I was dragging it out, Mr B pointed out that there would be plenty of room to put it back in there after they finished the renovations and painted in there. I just told him I’d take it to the barn. I must have had the grumpy-uglies yesterday, too. I don’t know about the rest of the world, but I don’t like doing extra work. I’m planning on using my furniture in my house when we get one built and I really am not about to move the furniture to the barn so they can renovate, then move it back into the pink house, then move it to my house whenever it is finished. That’s just an unnecessary amount of furniture moving and I don’t get enough oxygen for all that shit. I have one last piece to find a new home for, but it’s in the laundry room and I think it is probably safe in there for the moment. When I have more energy and less grumpy-uglies, I’ll find a place to store Sunshine’s stool I bought for him to sit on while painting at his easel I gave him.

side note: I don’t know what I’m going to do with the stool. It isn’t like Sunshine paints at the easel I gave him (it’s currently acting as an extremely expensive wall art display device inside the magic bus), so the stool doesn’t even get used. I’m hopeful that he will get back into making art after we build our little house with an artist’s atelier off the side of it.

As I was rearranging things in the magic bus to hold all of Sunshine’s overflow stuff from the pink house, I came across the large reusable shopping/tote bag filled with vitamins and supplements that were given to Sunshine from that estate sale. I got them organized into stuff I recognize and stuff that I don’t know what the fuck it is, so now I get to research what some of these supplements are supposed to do and figure out if that’s stuff we need done. I probably need to go get the herbalist books that were given to him as well, since they might be able to help me with this project. They’re currently in the laundry room, under that stool that Sunshine never uses.

side note: Sunshine might be a hoarder. This could become a problem when we build our little house. See, in all my years, I have found that the amount of shit one owns will inevitably expand to fill the space around it. This is especially true of Sunshine, who looks around, sees empty space in the middle of the living room floor, and thinks “ooh, I could stack so much boxes of hunting gear right there” or some such shit, so he acquires MORE shit until it can no longer be contained in the storage units available and it starts taking over the entire house. I’ll give him credit, much of the shit he hoards is rather useful/practical/whatever, but he really does not understand that he cannot just pile shit up willy-nilly in Cindy’s house because Cindy is her mother’s child and is a little bit anally retentive about appearing organized and clean. We won’t discuss the mess that hides beneath the surface, because Cindy doesn’t have enough oxygen to deal with that, and also because most of it is Sunshine’s shit and it is not Cindy’s place to take Sunshine’s inventory. We’ll just wait until it is time to move into the little house we build, because that will be the perfect opportunity to have him see it all in one place at one time. I digress…

I’ve been working on Christmas gifts this week while I’ve been stuck on the couch. I’ve made a wee bit of progress on the ones that must get done before Thanksgiving, but the thing I want to make for my mom has me stymied. I keep winding up with my rounds of stitches not matching up with what the directions say they should. I know I suck at math, but really, this is more than that and I’m frustrated. I should probably move on to another project for the time being and come back to mom’s later when I’ve recovered from my COPD flare, but that would involve me not being stubborn and I have the grumpy-uglies so stubborn just seems to fit the current mood in my head.

On that note, I’m going to sign off and go throw rocks at that fucking retarded rooster, because that weird ass noise he is making this morning is starting to piss me off.


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