On being productive whilst one is sick

I’ve been on the couch for most of the week. The good news is that I’m finally feeling well enough to start pinpointing specifics and targeting them. Today, I realized that I probably need to start making out with my nebulizer. Pollen counts are ridiculous right now, and breathing is hard.

I’ve been trying to be productive while I am resting up and trying to recover. I’ve been lurking on Reddit a lot, and looking at Pinterest for “things to make for people who I don’t know what the fuck to give them for Christmas”, and ordering shit. Lots of shit. Like 4 pairs of shoes. And 2 sweatshirts. And yarn. Lots of yarn. And Mollie’s annual Mollie-themed Christmas tree ornament. And the rings that will serve as our wedding rings. And probably a bunch of shit that I have forgotten about ordering.

I’ve also been making crochet things.

Like these makeup removers.


They’re washable/reusable. Which is so much better than constantly adding more gook to the landfills. Also? They’re cotton, which will biodegrade.

I’ve also been making a lot of these face scrubbers.


Again, washable/reusable biodegradable cotton.

It’s given me something to do. Something that feels productive. I assure you, feeling productive is a big thing right now, since my body feels so tired and useless.


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