We have veggies

I checked our garden beds last night and we have veggies!

side note: please excuse my over-exuberance, I’m just so excited that something actually came of our first effort at gardening!

There are peas


And zucchini


And yellow squash


I’m still not sure why the one side of the garden bed isn’t dong much of anything. The only thing that I can figure is that the pea & bean booster we used around the peas when we planted them, well, it caused everything to just explode on that side. I guess next time we plant things, we’ll know to use more fertilizer type stuff on both sides.

It’s so exciting to see stuff we can eat growing in our garden bed.

final note: now that Mr B has gotten himself a tractor, he has plowed up a large area for a spring garden. It will be exciting to plant a whole lot of stuff and see what comes of it now that there is somebody here full-time besides just Sunshine and me. That’s right, Mr & Mrs B arrived yesterday (insert happy emoji face here), and they’re here for good!


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