Back to basics

It’s been a rough two and a half weeks.

I’ve had to go back to basics, starting today. I grabbed a couple of cases of meal replacement shakes. They are not intended to replace meals for me; rather, they will be supplementing my meals.

I’m also going to try and get into the clinic in town on Monday to get a relationship going with a doctor in the area. I feel like hell, and cedar pollen season is coming. There have to be some things a doctor can help me do to feel less fatigued all the time, and there have to be better ways to live with COPD.

I just know that I am depleted. I need some rest. I need time for my body to heal itself.

I also need a haircut. Once I get the doctor thing taken care of, I think I’ll go get myself a fun new ‘do.

Until then, to the couch I go, to crochet away the hours spent on my ass healing and recovering.


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