Because Chocolate Makes Everything Better, Even Peanut Butter


It’s Tia coming to ya from the PacNW!

The lovely Miss CindyLou asked me to come and share some posts with y’all about yummy fall/winter foods and all the crafts I’m doing with the truckloads of craftables she keeps sending my way.

Next time I’ll be sharing some crafts, but today is about food stuffs. Specifically, chocolate. Cuz there’s a storm working its way through my Pacific Northwest and that means Fibro and RA are not playing nice with my body. And when THAT happens, I want all the comfort. Or chocolate, same thing.

So the other day I decided I wanted a Reese’s peanut butter cup. Except we didn’t have any and I didn’t have the spoons to walk down to the corner store to get any. And it was HOURS until my husband would be home to get me some. I couldn’t wait that long! I scoured my cabinets for some kind of substitute, I even contemplated drinking chocolate sauce straight from the bottle. I restrained myself, barely. And then the proverbial light bulb went off!

There on the first shelf of my baking cabinet was a pouch of Betty Crocker peanut butter cookie mix. And next to it? A box of brownie mix. I grabbed both in a fit of glee and then raided the fridge for a couple extra ingredients.


Now I love cooking and baking from scratch as much as the next person, but sometimes I just don’t have the energy, or spoons, for it. Luckily, box mixes can be tweaked to taste like you spent all day slaving in the kitchen and you’ll still have the energy to eat the results of your hard work. So if you just MUST bake these from scratch, you’ll have to do some creative recipe juggling to make the amounts work, I think.

Me, I mixed up the PB cookie mix first. I followed the ingredient list on the pouch, but I always mix the wet ingredients together BEFORE mixing them with the dry, including whipping the egg with a fork. This is one of those tweaks no one tells ya about. Whipping the egg, oil, and water together with a fork first adds extra air which will make your baked goods nice and fluffy. When you mix the wet and dry together, fold things in with a rubber spatula. This keeps that added air in and adds to the end fluffiness.

I then spread the cookie mix in a greased glass backing dish. A 13×9 will work nicely, though there may be some gaps where the cookie mix doesn’t spread all the way over the pan. That’s okay! An 8×8 will likely be a tad small, the brownie mix may spill over the edge. If you have a pan in between those sizes, that may be ideal.

Now without even washing the bowl, I mixed up the brownie mix. (Why wash the bowl when you’re just gonna mix the two things together anyway? We’re trying to SAVE energy here, people!) I spread the brownie mix over the cookie mix already in the pan, and baked them in a 375 F oven until a toothpick came out clean, about 15-20 minutes depending on your oven. Let them cool a bit, then dish yourself up a bit of heaven.

And if you don’t think these gems taste like a baked Reese’s PB cup, I don’t know if we can be friends.

Oh, and hold on to the box the brownie mix came in. We’ll repurpose that next time for a homemade scrapbook journal! Now I’m off to eat more of these brownie cookies and nap until the storms pass. Y’all check in on Cindy and her homesteading adventures tomorrow, k?


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