How I say thank you

I was given all that free yarn (and other freegan goodies) over the last couple of weeks by my neighbor that needed help with the estate sale. I was also told I wasn’t allowed to pay for the tailoring that Mrs W did for me, nor would she accept any money for the yarn she gave me.

My recovery has taught me that I should be self-supporting. It has also taught me that it is OK to accept the generosity of others, and that I should express my gratitude.

So I’m saying thank you.

When I mentioned to Mrs W that I was going to make her something, she requested a reusable swiffer pad in LSU colors.


I took it a step further and made an entire set of LSU themed cleaning things.

A kitchen sponge

a broom handle ceiling duster


a dusting mitt


and a dishcloth


For my neighbor, I made a hat.



This is how I say thank you here in the middle of buttfuck nowhere.




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