Weekly Progress Report

So I haven’t been home much this week. I’ve been helping Sunshine with that shower job. We managed to get the entire “beam me up Scotty” modular shower unit out intact so that it can be installed in the pink house when Mr. B does the bathroom remodel.

It’s been a long stretch without a day off for self care or even rest. I’m out of spoons, and the “must-do” chores list never seems to get any shorter. Mr & Mrs B needed our stuff out of the pink house by the 29th so that they could move in there, so Sunshine and I spent a marathon couple of hours going through all of his hunting gear and getting it stashed in the little sheds we brought with us from the swamp.

Of course, the stuff that was in them had to find a new place to live, so I went nuclear on shit. I found the original screen door that came on the magic bus (long since torn to shreds by Mollie trying to get out the door) and added it to the metal scrapper pile we keep off to the side of the yard.I found a dozen or so sheets of the mosaic tile we used in the bathroom and set them in the wagon to be added to the stockpile of them in Sunshine’s pile of masonry stock. I will be using them as the backsplash in my kitchen when we build our little small house. The most bullshit thing I found was three (3) banker’s boxes full of papers–every single scrap of paper that passed through Sunshine’s fingers while T was his office manager. I bet if I dig through those boxes, I find receipts for gas station pizza and cigarettes. #fuckingasshole Of course, I had to work around the banker’s boxes because “we can’t get rid of those”. #fuckingasshole

I digress…

We managed to find a place for almost everything. Of course, if I’m honest, I cheated. I used some storage accounting maneuvers very similar to the shady accounting maneuvers that brought about the economic crash of ’08. I pulled all of the winter blankets out from under the bed and put them on the bed even though it’s still hot as the gates of hell here in Texas (in mid motherfucking October, for the love of all that is holy). Once I freed up the space being consumed by blankets that we don’t need for another couple of months, I had space to store all of my displaced craft supplies.

I even managed to find space to display all of Sunshine’s much loved eagle figurines. I don’t know that figurines is the right word for them, because they’re actually more like small statues, but I found space to display them anyway. I even told Sunshine that I would not bitch about having to displace my things that I like having easy access to, under one condition: when we build this small house, he better build enough storage to hole the shit he wants to keep and there better be enough storage space left over so that Cindy doesn’t have to keep shrinking herself smaller and smaller. I’ve been shrinking my possessions and my presence in our home, smaller and smaller, for years since we moved in together. I will not fucking do it once we build our small house. To his credit, he agreed (and I believe he will try to live up to that promise 100%). He’s a keeper, that one.

We’ve been seeing more of Mr B’s face up here. He has been playing on his tractor. He plowed up enough of the field to plant a garden that will feed the entire cajun navy for a year. I’m hoping the Kitchen Magician can get up here full-time soon, so we can actually maybe plant most of the area he plowed up; it’s enough that we’re gonna need some help.

We’re seeing progress. I’ll take it.

Now, if Mr B can just get some of those tractor implements that cut grass up and running, I might have to do a happy dance.


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